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Why have Registration at an Event?

I often hear registration being described as a grudge purchase! This sort of comment generally comes from a company that is not utilising their data correctly. Registration is mainly used as a data gathering exercise to empower the marketing team with data about the type of individuals from various sectors that are attending their event. This in turn enables the company to target their sales more effectively and to make decisions regarding their ad-spend the following year.

Most companies value their databases very highly and cross-pollinate them for their marketing drives. In other cases, it is used as a security measure to prevent uninvited guests coming to an event, it is also used to record who attended an event and in some cases registration is a badging exercise used purely for ease of networking.

Q How many people can you register in one hour?

A This depends on how the registration is planned. We can give you a fairly accurate answer once we have discussed your requirements.

Q Can I get guest name tags pre-printed?

A Yes, just email us your database and logos and we will design your name tag and once confirmed we will have them delivered overnight to you.

On-site Support

Q I need to print badges for delegates on-site at my event. Can you help?

A Yes we can! We can provide a range of on-site solutions.


Q When is the balance of payment due?

A Once you have approved your artwork proof, we require the full payment in order to proceed with production.

Q How can we pay?

A We accept bank transfers, debit and credit card payments.

Q Can I open an account and pay on invoice?

A We can open an account for clients needing frequent or large orders. You will need to complete our credit application. Please contact us for a credit application form.


Q How do I request a free sample pack?

A Just telephone or email us and we will send one to you. If you are interested in a particular card or accessory then please let us know.

Q What does the sample pack contain?

A A full price list of our badges and our most popular accessories, an example of each printed badge type and any other accessory on request.

Q How much do your name badges cost?

A Our badge prices vary depending on colour, the quantity and delivery service you require. Just ask for a quote, or call us on 072 651 1708 to discuss your requirements.

Q How long will it take to print?

A We normally require a minimum production time of 2 days for quantities of 500 or below. Please call us to enquire about larger quantities.

Q How quickly can you get my badges to me?

A We normally require 1 day for a proof and once approved we can have your badges printed and dispatched in 2 working days. If you have a very urgent order we can offer an express service and even complete your badges in 1 working day (production time of badges is dependent on process selected and quantity. Our express service will be at additional cost).

Q What if I have extra names?

A We can accept additional names and data up until 12:00 pm the day before dispatch. However this may incur an additional data import fee of R250.00.

Q What if I need very long names printed on the badges?

A Longer delegate names, organisation names/ company names, positions/ job titles etc; will run onto a new line, in cases where this is not possible the font size will be shrunk to fit the printable badge area accordingly.

Q What attachments do you provide with the badges?

A Our badges come free with an adhesive combined clip and pin attachment. Other attachments can be provided at a separate cost.

Q How do I send artwork?

A You can email artwork to us at ross@gelevents.co.za .

Q What file formats do you accept?

A We accept PDF, TIFF and Jpeg.

Q If I cannot supply finished artwork what do I do?

A If you have none or if your artwork is not sharp enough, we can help you with this (there may be a charge for this).

Q How many colours can we have?

A As many, or as few as you would like. We can provide simple mono-print designs to complex full colour, full bleed images.

Q Are your badges re-usable?

A Our badge holders are all re-usable. The badges themselves are single use for the event. Our badges are all printed on fully biodegradable plastic.

Q What size are your badges?

A 86 mm x 54 mm.

Q Will I see an artwork proof before the cards are printed to ensure my instructions have been understood?

A Yes, a scanned proof of your badge will be emailed to you for approval before production (please note that the scan will not be colour accurate and is to be used as an indication of the layout only), and if you are not in a hurry then we can post it to you

Q What if I don't like the design or a mistake has been made on the proof?

A No problem, the first set of amendments to your artwork is free of charge (if it's still not right then we are happy to make as many revisions as needed but this may be chargeable).

Q What if I have my own design in mind?

A We are more than happy to accept your own design (we charge a basic R300.00 for all new artwork supplied, this is to set the initial template and includes a first free proof; R300.00 would be discounted from future orders of the same badge). We accept your artwork either on computer disc or by e-mail.

Q Can I have photos on the badges?

A Yes, we can print photos. For badges we recommend printing on our Digital Plus badges for high definition images.

Q I want to print my own badges, how can I do this?

A We sell DIY printable paper badge sheets.

Other Printed Products

Q How much notice do you need for printed lanyards?

A Pre-printed lanyards can take from 10 days to 6 weeks depending on your design and quantity. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q How much do printed lanyards cost?

A The cost of printed lanyards is dependent on your requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

Q Do you print badges other than credit card size?

A Yes we can provide this service. The cost and lead time depend on the specifications. Please contact us for more information.

Q I need VIP cards, can you print this?

A Yes our badges are simply printed on credit card sized plastic cards they can be used as VIP cards, luggage tags, key tags etc.

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